Cangyuan – Andong Mountain

View of Andong Moungtain in Cangyuan, Yunnan at the border of China and Burma.  Some of our organic teas (Tippy South Cloud, Lincang Maofeng Green, Puer Tuocha and Shou Pu Bing Cha) come from this area.  Home to two remotely located tea areas known as Mengla and Mengku.  The area is remotely located and takes considerable time to get there from the nearest big city in Yunnan.  There were strong winds on the day we visited, and you will note that sound in the video.



Tea Map – Cangyuan, Yunnan



Cangyuan Va Autonomous County is located in Lincang Prefecture, Yunnan, China. At 1800 m above sea level, Cangyuan is a remote region in western Yunnan, only 5km from the Myanmar border.  Our grower has been propagating tea at this garden for about twelve years. It takes many hours, through a narrow, mountainous road to reach Cangyuan from the nearest city.   Due to the remote location, it is usually difficult to find seasonal tea pickers and thus the tea plants have developed a slightly ‘wild-grown’ character, which we like. Older tea plants produce less yield but significantly better flavor profiles.  We have also found that teas from this area have a pronounced smooth, buttery characteristic than other areas of Yunnan. Our sourcing trip to Cangyuan in spring 2011 resulted in many new teas to our offering.