Tea Map – Zhejiang



Zhejiang is an eastern coastal province of China. Zhejiang means crooked river and was the old name of the Qiantang River, which passes through the provincial capital, Hangzhou. Zhejiang borders Jiangsu province and Shanghai municipality to the north, Anhui province to the northwest, Jiangxi province to the west, and Fujian province to the south; to the east is the East China Sea.


Zhejiang Province is the largest producer of green tea in the world.  It is famous for its gunpowder tea — a tea that is tightly and uniformly rolled and is sometimes mixed with other herbs such as Moroccan and Russian mint, and served both hot and iced.  Zhejiang is also home to one of the most famous green teas in China: Long Jing, or Dragonwell.  Leaves are hand roasted in woks and, with careful movements of the pan, leaves develop a flat, shiny, jade colored appearance.