Tea Map – Guangxi


Guangxi, is a province of southern China along the border with Vietnam. In 1958, it became the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China, a region with special privileges for the Zhuang people.

Guangxi’s location, in mountainous terrain in the far south of China, has placed it on the frontier of Chinese civilization throughout much of China’s history. The current name “Guang” means “expanse” and has been associated with the region since the creation of Guang Prefecture in AD 226. It was given provincial level status during the Yuan Dynasty, but even into the 20th century it was considered an open, wild territory.

Guangxi is considered the home for Chinese Jasmine.  Famous teas from Guangxi include: Liubao, Guiping Xishan Tea, Lingyun Baimao, Tantang Maojian, Bainiu, Guilin Maojian and Guihua (osmanthus blossom).