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Wholesale Offerings

At The Tao of Tea, we enjoy working with cafes, restaurants and stores to develop effective wholesale programs. We make a pledge of freshness and quality workmanship in all of our products. Our tea enthusiasts are available to help customers learn more about tea origins, farmer and garden history, how to judge the quality of tea, brewing methods and more.

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An Overview Of Our Products & Programs

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wholesale packing

Tea Tins

Dozens of loose leaf teas available in canisters. Choose from a selection of white, green, oolong, black, puer, herbal and compressed teas.

Tea Bags

A collection of biodegradable, organic tea sachets available to cafes and stores with various bulk ordering and storage options.

Bulk Tea

Bulk by the Pound

Order loose leaf white, green, oolong, black, puer and herbal teas by the pound.

Iced Tea

Choose from a variety of pre-measured pouches great for brewing large quantities of iced tea.

our brewed bottles

Ready-to-Drink Bottled Teas

We offer several bottled tea options, both sweet and unsweetened. Shelf stable; best when chilled.



A selection of teapots, cups, and other accessories available at wholesale prices.

Wholesale FAQ


Wholesale Program

We offer customized programs suited to the individual needs of our wholesale clients. Our products can be found in major specialty and natural foods stores in the United States, as well as in many food service settings.

Family of small artisans, staff, and dedicated tea lovers

We are a company that prides itself on working with the choicest tea leaves. Our focus is on finding exceptional quality pure leaf teas that have a superior flavor profile and that are grown without any pesticides or artificial additives.

Direct from Origin

We work directly with all our producers to bring teas to you. There are no middle people involved. This is a result of the work we’ve done and connections cultivated over the last decades.

Wholesale Tasting Samples

We offer tasting samples for our wholesale customers. There is a nominal charge for the samples.


Tea Freshness

Tea is a seasonal crop. It is only as good as its freshness. At The Tao of Tea, freshness is one of our foremost guiding principles.

When ordering, you may keep in mind that the spring season (April-May) is good for many green teas and lighter black teas. Summer (June-July) is good for black teas, oolongs, and Puer. Also factor in that it takes up to a month for many of our teas to reach our facilities in Portland.

Fresh tea should have a good aroma and flavorful taste. As tea ages, the leaves dry out and the color pales slightly. For ultimate freshness, purchase unblended, single origin teas in their peak season or just after. Blended teas, with other herbs or natural essences, can last much longer and are available throughout the year.

Organic Standards

We are certified by QAI Inc. for Organic standards at all our facilities. Most of our teas are organic. There are a small portion of teas that are not organic. In such cases, we have taken additional measures to either audit the farming practices of the tea gardens or have confidence through independent lab testing. We do not add any artificial additives to our teas.


Although the barrier-lined bags will retain the aroma and leaf integrity within the bag, those aromatics are released into the atmosphere as soon as the bag is opened. We encourage our customers to drink tea while it is fresh, and we recommend that you store your tea in an airtight container in a cool dark place. Avoid areas with heavy smell or that are overly warm. Also please ensure the container does not have any residual acids from anything that was stored in it previously.

Non-GMO Tea

We do not have any GMO tea. Our teas are mostly composed of Heirloom varietals.


Tea is gluten free.

Tea Tastings

We sometimes conduct tea tastings in our Leaf Room. Please see our calendar for the weekly schedule and for other events.


Packing of Teas

We handle each order with care and attention. When you order tea in bulk, we pack the desired weight into either kraft tin-tie bags with a moisture barrier, or into foil bags with protective barrier. The hand packing certainly takes extra time, but it minimizes any breakage and maintains leaf integrity. It also provides you with greater flexibility in terms of quantity.


We have customers around the world with APO/FPO/DPO addresses. You can order online and we’ll ship the tea directly to you.

Order Shipping Schedule

We start processing your order as soon as we receive it. Please allow up to 2-3 business days for the order to be processed completely and before it ships. We ship with UPS Ground service within continental USA or via USPS priority to Hawaii, Alaska, and other US territories. The exact time taken via these carriers varies based on your destination. You may track your order for a detailed time schedule. Please note that USPS and FedEx do not include Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays in their delivery time schedule. Once we relinquish our teas to UPS or USPS, the arrival time is beyond our control; however, we are always happy to assist in tracking your package.

Time-Sensitive Shipments

If your order is time sensitive and you want to make sure your tea arrives by a specific date, please contact us at 503.736.0198 and we’ll help determine the shipping options available.

International Shipping

International orders can be placed online or over the phone. We will ship either via UPS or USPS depending on the order.

You may also feel free to email us with your desired order, your billing/shipping addresses and phone number. We can work up a shipping quote based on address and then follow up with you to take credit card information over the phone. We can be reached at 503.736.0198, and orders@taooftea.com.

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