Matcha Chai Brewing Guide

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Ideal for those who love both the rich spice combination of Indian chai, and the creamy, sweet, textured experience of drinking Matcha.

Teaware Needed

Small Ibrik (stove-top boiler), heat-resistant chai cups or tea glasses, matcha tea scoop.

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Preparation Recipe

Place three heaping scoops of Matcha into a small amount (around a tablespoon) of hot water and whisk the powder into the water until it is dissolved. Add 8 oz milk (or non-dairy) to the dissolved matcha. Add chai spices of choice (cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon). Bring to boil once, or steam with espresso machine. Add sweetener. Strain and serve. Garnish with any of the powdered spices.

Sweetener options: honey, cane sugar, stevia.

Flavor Profile:

Uplifting, warming mélange of sweet and spicy flavors.

Click here to download the PDF Brewing guide for Matcha Chai