Khurja: “Village of 100 kilns”

khurja1-cmpKhurja is a village east of New Dehli, India, known for its 100 kilns and its distinct style of clayware. Traditionally, dishes like bowls and plates have been made. However, in 1997, we began working with local artisans on designs for teapots and other teaware. Veerinder, founder of the Tao of Tea, had much help from his brother Harpreet in the design of this teaware. Harpreet worked closely with these skilled Khurja artisans and even drew up some of the patterns and images that are painted and etched into the teapots and cups.

Each product made by the Khurja potters is truly unique and handmade. This means there may be variations from one pot to the next.





















Khurja Potters














Specially made Tao of Tea Teapot













Colorful Khurja Pottery