Tea Map – Phoenix, Guandong


The Phoenix (Feng Huang) mountains in eastern Guangdong province are home to some of the most sought after teas in China — particularly of the oolong style, which in this region is made using a light, sideways rolling technique, rather than tight ball-rolling.  The Phoenix mountains are spread over a large area and the tea can vary significantly depending on elevation, age of the plant, and varietal.  There are at least ten different Phoenix tea plant varietals.  The region also produces other styles of tea besides oolong, such as red tea and puer.


The most prized teas in the region are those that grow at the highest elevation where plants thrive in the dewy mist that covers the mountainside.  One of the highest mountains in the region is Wudang, which is said to have some of the oldest tea plants.  The area is somewhat barricaded and difficult to access.  Family caretakers look after the ancient plants.  There are many tea farms in the surrounding areas that are more accessible and still of great quality.  Locals to this region will tell you that tea originated in the Phoenix Mountains before being brought to Fujian (of course, those in Fujian claim that their home is the origin of tea in China).