Welcome to The Leaf Points Reward Program

Leaf Points are our way of saying thank you for shopping with The Tao of Tea. This reward program is of no cost to you, and you are automatically enrolled when you make your first purchase. Please note that you must be logged in at the time of purchase (rather than using ‘Guest’ checkout) in order for your account to accrue Leaf Points. This program is online only.

How it Works / Terms and Conditions

Every purchase made on our website will come with a Leaf Point reward. Product pages will generally display the amount of Leaf Points you will earn from the purchase of the item. When you redeem Leaf Points, each point is worth roughly 10 cents. At checkout, you will be given the option of applying your Leaf Points, in part or in full, and you may view your current point totals on the “My Account” page. Shipping and handling costs will still apply to orders placed with Leaf Points.

Because this is a bonus program, The Tao of Tea reserves the right to alter or terminate the Leaf Points Program at any time and without notice. This includes the right to make changes in the program rules, accrual rates, award structure, etc. Leaf Points are non-transferrable.