Bollywood – Pyramid Sachets

Crisp, sweet-spicy with rose undertones.



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A colorful, caffeine free blend containing organic hibiscus flowers, rose hips, rose petals and ginger root. Influences that evolved into the Bollywood blend include: India, Movies, Music, Dance, Passion, Hurt, Love, Sadness, Lust, Heartbreak, Laughter, Poetry and Endings.

Ingredients: Organic hibiscus flowers, organic rose hips, organic rose petals, organic ginger root.

Certified Organic by: Quality Assurance International (QAI)

The Premier Collection

A quality line of biodegradable pyramid sachet tea bags, The Premier Collection is a convenient way to drink our whole leaf teas. Not all tea is made equal. We believe in representing generational tea makers who share their skill with heart. The Premier Collection is available in various packaging options for retail and wholesale customers. Check the drop down menu for current availability.

Brewing Instructions

Use filtered water at 185°F (85°C) and steep for 3 minutes or to taste.

Try cold brewing for a delicious iced beverage: Add your tea bag to half a glass of ice and room temperature water. Let sit 15 minutes.

Bollywood – Pyramid Sachets


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