Brushed Stoneware Aroma Set

Gongfu Teaware
Origin: India


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About Brushed Stoneware Aroma Set:

A Gongfu aroma set is used to experience the aroma and flavor of Gongfu-style tea. After brewing, the tea is first poured into the tall aroma cup. The shorter sipping cup is then inverted over the top of the aroma cup. Held together, both cups are flipped over, placing the sipping cup on the bottom. As the aroma cup is lifted out of the sipping cup, air is pulled through the tea, trapping a ‘mist’ of the fragrant brew in the emptied cup. The aroma cup can then be rolled back and forth between the palms as you inhale its fragrance.

This handcrafted aroma cup set includes a stone base and two stoneware cups, which are glazed white inside so the color of the brew is visible. The exterior is a black matte finish.

Gongfu-Style Brewing:

The Gongfu style of brewing is native to Fujian province, China and Taiwan. The style encompasses several tea utensils, including a small teapot (usually around 3 to 6 ounces, though some may be larger), and is typically used to brew Oolong or Puer teas. The essence of the Gongfu style is to enjoy tea in a ceremonial setting that highlights the tea preparer’s hospitality. The tea is prepared in small brewing rounds and is poured into a small pitcher, then into individual cups. The process is very engaging and exudes ‘Cha Tao’ – a term used to describe tea spirit.

For more on Gongfu brewing, including a demonstration of an aroma cup set, see the video below.


Tray: 5″ x 3″
Scent Cup: Approx. 1.5″ diameter, 2.75″ high, 2 ounce capacity
Sipping Cup: Approx. 2.75″ diameter, 1″ high, 1 ounce capacity

Videos and Links:

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