Download PDF’s of our wholesale catalogues and price sheets.

Wholesale Catalog cover

Wholesale Catalog

This booklet offers a brief glimpse into the uniqueness of many cultures that enjoy tea as a lifestyle. It is in no way a complete account of the world of tea, but our effort to offer some of the finest. As the seasons change, so do our selections. There are brief descriptions of teas we offer, their processing techniques and flavor descriptions.

Wholesale Price List

Our wholesale pricing is based on FOB, Portland, Oregon. Our price list was last updated October 2023.

Wholesale price list cover
Tea Line Sales Sheet cover

Premiere Collection Tea Sachet Line Sales Sheet

Available to select retailers, The Premier Collection is a new way to drink our organic whole leaf teas.

The Tao of Tea Overview Brochure

Celebrating over 25 years of tea and friendships.

Company Brochure cover
Cafe display details

Cafe Countertop Display & Storage

We offer a bamboo tea sign (with 2-tier shelf) and copper-color sachet storage tins for your cafe countertop tea service and display.

Iced Tea Program Price List

Try our 1 gallon pre-measured ice tea brew bags and 2 gallon pre-measured foil pouches. Perfect for restaurants and cafes.

Iced tea program price list
Bottled tea brochure

Bottled Tea Program Brochure

We are changing the definition of iced tea by creating a bottled beverage made in small batches from full leaf teas and herbs of the highest quality. Our glass bottles may be ordered by phone at 503.736.0198. Call for more information!