Lu San teahouse interior

The History of our Teahouses

Original Teahouse at Belmont

Portland’s Oldest Teahouse

The Tao of Tea began with the original teahouse on Belmont Street in 1997, which remains open to this day.

Lan Su Chinese Garden

The Tao of Tea operated the teahouse inside Lan Su Chinese Garden from 2000 to 2023. The teahouse was a popular destination for locals and tourists, and helped to strengthen the tea culture of Portland. We greatly enjoyed serving the community at Lan Su– a setting where customers could relax, experience authentic Chinese tea, and connect with others. Through the years, numerous tea tastings, tea events and private events were undertaken to promote the art of tea. 

Northwest Teahouse  

From 2002-2007, The Tao of Tea operated a teahouse in Northwest Portland. This teahouse featured a Japanese-style tea room, a large bulk tea section, international fare, and live music performances.

Japanese Style Tea Room at The Tao of Tea
Whole Foods Tea Bar

Whole Foods Tea Bar

From 2007-2009, The Tao of Tea operated a tea bar inside of Portland’s Whole Foods Market.