Brewing Guidelines:

This page is a reference for our growing collection of brewing guides and videos. We hope this helps with those who may have brewing questions about the various teas, herbs and teaware implements we offer. We also offer brewing suggestions directly on our product pages. If you have a general category of tea brewing that you’d like to see added to the list, let us know! For now, enjoy the following links:

Brewing with a Gaiwan
Gongfu Tea Ceremony
Sencha Brewing
Yerba Mate Brewing
Terere (Iced Yerba Mate)
Cold Brewed Iced Tea
Making Herbal Blends
Try Our Single-Serving Loose Leaf Brewers

Powdered Teas:
Traditional Matcha Brewing Guide
Matcha Latte
Matcha Chai
Iced Matcha
Genmaicha Latte
Iced Genmaicha

About Steep Times:

Every tea behaves a little differently, even within the same general category. Many green teas, for example, will get bitter if steeped for too long, while others may need a little extra time to reach their full flavor potential. Some teas are undesirable after the first few infusions, while others seem to endlessly produce a delicious flavor. While it is useful to have guidelines for how long to brew, how many times, and at what temperature, some experimenting will help you become familiar with the unique character of your tea and the brewing methods that bring out the best flavor. The following chart is therefore not a hard-and-fast guide to brewing, but rather a place to get started:

Style of TeaWater Temp

°F (°C)

Steep Time


Number of InfusionsQuantity of Leaf

(tsp / 8oz water)

White170°F (77°C)2-42-32
(Chinese style)

160 – 180°F (71 – 82°C)2-3 2-32
(Japanese style Sencha, Matcha, etc.)

140°F (Gyokuros) –
180°F (some Senchas)
(60 – 82°C)
1.5-2 2-31
Black185 – 200°F (85 – 93°C)3-51-31
Oolong180 – 200°F (82 – 93°C)3-43-41
Puer200°F (green puer) – 212°F (dark puer)
(93 – 100°C)
Herbal190°F (88°C)3-51-22