Genmaicha Latte Brewing Guide

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The Genmaicha Latte is a creamy, caffeinated drink ideal for latte lovers. It can be made with our special powdered Genmaicha sticks.

Teaware Needed

A Genmaicha latte can be prepared on stove-top or with the steamer of an espresso machine. Asian-style espresso cups are ideal for this presentation.

Preparation Recipe

Place three heaping scoops (or one Genmaicha stick packet) into a small amount (around a tablespoon) of hot water and whisk the powder into the water until it is dissolved. Add 8 oz milk (or non-dairy) to the dissolved Genmaicha powder. Bring to a boil once, or steam with espresso machine. Garnish with Genmaicha powder on top.

Sweetener options: vanilla, honey, cane sugar, stevia.

Flavor Profile

Energizing and creamy with a dry taste of fresh greens and toasted rice.


Click here to download the PDF Genmaicha Latte Brewing Guide

Iced Genmaicha Brewing Guide

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Ideal in summertime, for those craving an iced, natural, caffeinated and refreshing beverage.

Teaware Needed

Cocktail shaker, tea scoop.

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Preparation Recipe

Place three scoops of Genmaicha powder (or 1 Genmaicha stick packet) into a cocktail shaker. Add a splash of hot water (approximately 2 oz) and swirl or whisk the Matcha and water together until the powder is dissolved. Fill the shaker half full with ice, then fill with room temperature water, shake well, and pour into a glass. Garnish with mint or ginger.

Sweetener options: honey, cane sugar, stevia.

Flavor Profile:

Toasty, sweet brown rice aroma and a smooth roasted flavor with a bright, grassy edge.

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Click here to download the PDF Brewing guide for Genmaicha Iced Tea