Yuzu Matcha

Vegetal, oceanic matcha with a bright, sweet-tart aftertaste of Yuzu peel.



Classic Size Tin (3 oz)



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About This Product

Yuzu Matcha offers the sweet and vegetal flavor of powdered green tea with a hint of sweet-tart yuzu citrus peel. Yuzu Matcha makes an excellent matcha latte or refreshing iced tea.

Yuzu is an aromatic citrus fruit native to central China and now cultivated in other countries like Japan, Korea, France, Spain and Australia. It has the appearance of a small grapefruit and the zest is often used in Japanese and Korean cuisine. Like lemon zest, it adds brightness when paired with food or tea. Its flavor profile also includes slightly floral notes as well as overtones of mandarin orange and grapefruit.


Whisk 1 teaspoon of Yuzu Matcha into 2 ounces hot water. (You may use a Chasen if you have one, or a small kitchen whisk.) Separately heat 8 ounces of milk (or non-dairy) to about 175°F on the stovetop or froth with espresso steamer. Pour over the liquid matcha and enjoy.


Whisk 1 teaspoon of Yuzu Matcha into 2 ounces hot water. Pour over a small cup of ice. Top off with 8 ounces of cool water.

Ingredients: Powdered Green Tea Leaves, Yuzu Peel.

Brewing Instructions

Powdered tea is prepared by whisking the tea powder with hot water until it has dissolved and become frothy. See the links below for further instructions.

Water Temp °F (°C)Quantity of Leaf (per 8 oz water)
160°F (71°C)3 scoops with Chashaku / 1 tsp

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Yuzu Matcha
Yuzu Matcha