Yunnan Clay Jar – Dark

Yixing Clayware
Origin: China

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About Yunnan Clay Jar – Dark:

This clay jar is an ideal tea caddy for Puer teas from Yunnan. It was specially produced for us by our tea partners in Southern Yunnan. Local, traditional people of Xishuangbanna use this kind of tea caddy to store their Puer teas. The clay keeps the temperature cool, and lids of the caddies are intentionally loose so that the tea can ‘breathe’ and age well by absorbing the fresh aromas of its surroundings. These caddies are hand-etched with pleasing designs and with the inscription ‘The Tao of Tea.’ Since they are hand-made and fired in kilns, the colors and textures vary. We do not guarantee that the piece you receive will be the same as pictured. Please accept the differences as a sign of the craftsmanship and artisan processing.


Sizes may vary. Approximately 6″ height.

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