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Tea Tasting Set

Origin: India

Tea Tasting Set
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About Tea Tasting Set:

A white glazed ceramic three-piece tea tasting set with gold accents.

Tea tasting sets are ideal for “cupping,” a term primarily used at tea plantations. Cupping is performed to assess and compare the different qualities of teas before a buyer or tea grader. The leaf is brewed in the cup, which has perforations on the lip edge. Using the lid as a strainer, the tea is poured into the bowl. The steeped leaf is then displayed on the inverted lid. Tea buyers will typically view the color of the brew, smell the leaf, judge its quality, and taste the brew.

This is an ideal teaware item for tea parties and for store owners to perform tea tastings.


Bowl: 4.25″ diameter, 2″ height.
Cup: 3.25″ diameter, 2.75″ height.