Nepali White

White Tea
Origin: Ilam, Nepal

Smooth and delicate flavor with a bright, fruity finish.

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About Nepali White tea:

One leaf and a bud are hand-plucked and left overnight in the cool spring air, then gently hand-rolled. This first flush Nepali White tea is a sweet, crisp, white tea with a lovely floral aroma.

The 11,900 ft Sandakphu peak is the highest habitable point in the district of Ilam, located in the far eastern part of Nepal, and adjoining the Darjeeling hills of India. This area is recognized as a place for monks to meditate. Sandakphu Tea Plantation and production facility are located at the foothills of Sandakphu Peak, at a place known as Jasbirey Village. The Tea Plantation at Sandakphu was founded in 1990 and prides itself on using high quality tea varieties planted by farmers migrating from other villages of the Ilam district. The plantation is young and fresh, nearing maturity; therefore, the quality of tea is considered very high compared to many other tea areas of Nepal (Note: Young plants have highest level of aroma and character builds as the plants age). Sandakphu Tea is an entirely farmer-based production with the ownership remaining at the farmers’ level.

Ingredients: White Tea Leaves

Flavor Profile:

Smooth and delicate flavor with a bright, fruity finish.  A unique offering from Nepal, this white tea provides the smooth downy character of a Silver Needle with the crisp finish of a First Flush Darjeeling.

Brewing Instructions:

Every tea is different and can be brewed in different ways. The chart below is not a hard-and-fast guide for brewing this tea, but rather a place to get started. Steeping time may vary based on your personal taste or on how many infusions have already been done. Experiment with the brewing of your tea to discover its unique character.

Water Temp °F (°C)Steep Time (minutes)Number of InfusionsQuantity of Leaf (tsp / 8oz water)
170°F (77°C)2-4 2-32

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