Artisan Crafted

Nailhead (Black)

Cast Iron Teapot
Origin: China


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About Nailhead (Black):

The Nailhead teapot features a pattern reminiscent of drops on the surface of water. Matte black finish on the outside with black gloss enamel on the inside. This style of pot is well known amongst Zen students and followers. Includes a removable stainless steel mesh infuser for brewing pure leaf teas. Not intended for use on stovetop.

Also available in red.

History and Production of Cast Iron Teapots:

China is believed to be the origin of cast iron teapots. They were then adopted and further developed by the Japanese. They are popular due to their ability to distribute heat evenly and keep tea or water warm for a long time. Originally, cast iron teapots were used as kettles for boiling water. In Japan, these teapots, known as Tetsubin in Japanese, were transformed according to the aesthetic elements of Zen, and emerged in the last century as more of a tea service item.

To make a cast iron teapots, wooden patterns are used to develop the design. Wood allows the artisan to intricately etch, carve, and shape the teapot. Next, the wooden patterns are converted into metal patterns (the use of the material varies as per the manufacturer), and subsequently to sand molds. Molten cast iron at 1600°C is poured into the molds to form the teapots. The cooled teapots are finished by hand to remove any imperfections.


5.25″ diameter, 3.25″ height.
13 ounce capacity.