Sweet, rich flavor and aroma similar to red roses. Full-bodied brew with little or no astringency.


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Bulk by the Ounce, Classic Size Tin (4 oz)



About This Product

The rich fruit flavor of Lychee complements the natural sweetness of Chinese black tea in this refreshing Lychee blend. Lychee tea can be enjoyed either hot or iced, and pairs particularly well with spicy and savory food.

Lychee is native to Southeast Asia and the Indian sub-continent. It is a small plum-sized fruit with red outer skin and a sweet juicy fruit inside. Harvested in the peak of the summer, it is considered to have cooling and rejuvenating properties.

Ingredients: Black Tea Leaves, Natural Lychee Essence.

Brewing Instructions

Every tea is different and can be brewed in different ways. The chart below is not a hard-and-fast guide for brewing this tea, but rather a place to get started. Steeping time may vary based on your personal taste or on how many infusions have already been done. Experiment with the brewing of your tea to discover its unique character.

Water Temp °F (°C)Steep Time (minutes)Number of InfusionsQuantity of Leaf (tsp / 8oz water)
200°F (93°C)3-51-31