Lu Cha – Powdered Green Tea

Creamy texture, sweet with roasted notes and a slight umami flavor. Vibrant green color.


Tea Style



1 ounce



About This Product

Lu Cha is a powdered green tea from Xiamen, Fujian, China. Like Japanese matcha, the leaves are ground into a powder using a stone grinder, and the tea is prepared by whisking it into a frothy beverage. The resulting brew is creamy with a vibrant green color. Enjoy on its own or use in lattes, smoothies and shakes.

Ingredients: Powdered Green Tea Leaves.

Available in a sealed 1 oz tin.

Brewing Instructions

Powdered tea is prepared by whisking the tea powder with hot water until it has dissolved and become frothy. See the links below for further instructions.

Water Temp °F (°C)Quantity of Leaf (per 8 oz water)
160°F (71°C)3 scoops with Chashaku / 1 tsp
Lu Cha
Lu Cha – Powdered Green Tea


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