Loose Leaf Brewer – Blue


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Handcrafted in India, this set includes a brewing cup and drinking cup. Tea preparation is easy with the Loose Leaf Brewer — just add tea and hot water, steep to your liking, pour off into the drinking cup, add more water and re-steep. Cups stack together neatly for compact storage. These gorgeous pieces are made by Artizen Teaware, which is a small company run by Veerinder’s brother, Harpreet, and his niece, Bani.

Because of the handcrafted nature of these cups, there may be slight variations from one to the next. Subtle shifts in shades or minor drips and imperfections may be present and part of the one of a kind character of this distinctive Indian teaware. For ideal care, hand wash using mild detergent and wipe dry.


Brewing cup holds approximately 150 ml.
Drinking cup holds 75 ml.
4.25″ width, 2.25″ height.
When stacked, height is 3.5″.

Loose Leaf Brewer - Blue
Loose Leaf Brewer – Blue


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