Gui Fei Oolong

A rich fruit aroma is followed by a full, complex flavor that is both nutty and floral, with hints of cedar and green apple. Lingering aftertaste.


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About This Product

Gui Fei is an aromatic oolong from Nantou County, Taiwan. Its flavor profile is dynamic, containing notes of cedar, stone fruit and roasted nuts. Similar to Oriental Beauty, Gui Fei belongs to the bug-bitten category of tea. This means that the leaves undergo a live oxidation while still on the stem, whereas oxidation in all other teas happens after the leaves have been plucked. This process allows the leaf to develop its famous honey-like flavor and aroma.

Ingredients: Oolong Tea Leaves.

Brewing Instructions

Every tea is different and can be brewed in different ways. The chart below is not a hard-and-fast guide for brewing this tea, but rather a place to get started. Steeping time may vary based on your personal taste or on how many infusions have already been done. Experiment with the brewing of your tea to discover its unique character.

Water Temp °F (°C)Steep Time (minutes)Number of InfusionsQuantity of Leaf (tsp / 8oz water)
185°F (85°C)3-43-41

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Gui Fei Oolong
Gui Fei Oolong