Golden Turmeric Chai

Rich, malty, and spicy with the earthy sweetness of turmeric. Blends especially well with milk and sugar.


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About This Product

Golden Turmeric Chai combines black tea, ginger, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, and premium grade Indonesian Turmeric. The addition of this rich spice creates an especially gold-tinged infusion that is malty and spicy with an earthy sweetness.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a flowering plant of the ginger family and native to India and Southeast Asia. The roots are harvested and boiled, dried and then ground down. Turmeric has grown in its culinary usage over the years, appearing in many sweet and savory dishes. It is desired for the potential health benefits and appealing bright gold color.

Ingredients: Black Tea Leaves, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Dried Ginger, Cloves and Cardamom.

Brewing Instructions

The grade of tea commonly used for Chai is known as ‘Cut, Tear and Curl (CTC)’, a heavily rolled black tea leaf ideal for boiling. Boil leaf in water (around a teaspoon per 8 ounces) for 3 minutes. Add the milk of your choice in ratio of about 1/4 milk to 3/4 water, stir and simmer for another 2 minutes. Strain the brew to remove tea leaves and add the sweetener of your choice.

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Golden Turmeric Chai
Golden Turmeric Chai