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The Blue Lotus Gaiwan is an elegant gaiwan made of porcelain with a classical Chinese blue floral pattern. Though most styles of tea can be brewed using a gaiwan set, it is an especially excellent choice for large leaf teas, such as twisted leaf oolongs, due to its width and capacity.

Making tea in a gaiwan offers the tea drinker a chance to view the leaves and appreciate their color and aroma as they infuse. It also provides some beauty and simplicity in the preparation. The lid is used as a strainer to pour the brew into another cup, or to hold back the leaf for sipping. The saucer helps avoid the heat while holding the gaiwan.

History of the Gaiwan

One of the earliest traditions of tea drinking in China included drinking tea from a large bowl. Detailed accounts of this can be found in the book Cha Ching, authored by the tea scholar Lu Yu. It is this custom that was expanded into the more famous Japanese tea bowls used in the Chanoyu ceremony. During the Ming Dynasty in China, this custom gave birth to the new tradition of using a smaller bowl, easy to hold, and with a cover. Sometimes, it is also called Gai Bei, or covered cup.


Approx. 4″ diameter, 3.75″ height.
1 cup (8 ounce) capacity.

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Blue Lotus Gaiwan
Gaiwan – Blue Lotus


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