Etched Stoneware Tea Bowl

Gongfu Teaware
Origin: China


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About Etched Stoneware Tea Bowl:

The Gongfu tea bowl, or Cha Chuan, is an integral part of the Gongfu style of tea preparation. It is used as a vessel to catch the water that is used to warm the utensils before brewing tea. This Cha Chuan is made with a matte black finish and hand-etched design of flowers and leaves.

Gongfu-Style Brewing:

The Gongfu style of brewing is native to Fujian province, China and Taiwan. The style encompasses several tea utensils, including a small teapot (usually around 3 to 6 ounces, though some may be larger), and is typically used to brew Oolong or Puer teas. The essence of the Gongfu style is to enjoy tea in a ceremonial setting that highlights the tea preparer’s hospitality. The tea is prepared in small brewing rounds and is poured into a small pitcher, then into individual cups. The process is very engaging and exudes ‘Cha Tao’ – a term used to describe tea spirit.

For more on Gongfu brewing, see the video below. This tea bowl would serve the same purpose in Gongfu tea preparation as the tea boat featured in the video does.


6.5″ diameter, 2.25″ height.
16 ounce capacity.

Videos and Links:

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