Chasen – Bamboo Whisk

Matcha Ceremony
Origin: Japan


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About Chasen:

The Chasen (or bamboo matcha whisk) is an integral part of Chanoyu, the Japanese tea ceremony. It is used to make the powdered green tea called Matcha in a bowl. These days, many types of Chasen can be found in various colors and thickness. The highest quality whisks are made by hand, including the detailed work of curling the thin strands of bamboo.

Preparing Matcha:

A small amount of Matcha is placed into the bowl, traditionally using a bamboo scoop called a Chashaku, then a small amount of hot (not boiling) water is added. The mixture is then whisked to a uniform consistency using a bamboo whisk known as a Chasen. There must be no lumps left in the liquid, and no ground tea should remain on the sides of the bowl.

Usucha, or thin tea, is prepared with half a teaspoon of Matcha and approximately 75 ml (2.5 oz) of hot water, which can be whisked to produce froth or not, according to the drinker’s preference (or to the traditions of the particular school of tea). Usucha creates a lighter and slightly more bitter tea.

Koicha, or thick tea, requires significantly more Matcha, as many as six teaspoons, and up to 3/4 cup of water. Because the resulting mixture is significantly thicker, blending it requires a slower stirring motion which does not produce foam. Koicha produces a sweeter tea, and is served almost exclusively as part of Japanese tea ceremonies.


2.5″ base diameter x 2.75″ height.

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