Celadon Tea Set

Origin: China


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About Celadon Tea Set:

Enjoy the elegant appearance of Celadon in a full tea set. The smooth texture and soft mint blue-green color are not only easy on the eyes, but the glaze makes this teaware easy to clean as well. A variety of teas can be brewed with the Celadon Tea Set, which comes with all the necessary supplies for drinking and sharing tea: A gaiwan, a strainer to filter out any small bits of tea as you pour, a holder for the strainer, a pitcher, and 6 cups. All of this comes neatly packaged in a decorative box.

This type of Celadon is also known as “Ru Yao,” or “Ru ware,” referring to the type of kiln that it was traditionally fired in. The Ru kiln is a famous kiln that produced teaware for the emperors around 1125 AD. Typically, simple grey stoneware was coated in a soft, creamy glaze that came out in an eggshell blue, sometimes with greenish or lavender hues. Often the glaze would uniformly crack in the kiln, creating an effect that came to be seen as a positive quality and part of Ru Yao’s signature appearance.


9 pieces: teapot, pitcher, strainer and rest, 6 teacups.