Ecological Collection

Barrel Aged Puer – Eco Collection

Origin: Yunnan, China

15 biodegradable tea bags.

Earthy taste with ripe fruit character.


Barrel Aged Puer – Ecological Collection

Aged in Pinot Noir wine casks, our Barrel Aged Puer is smooth and earthy with a ripe fruit character.

Puer teas are named for the town of Puer, where, historically, tea was pressed into bricks and cakes and sent out across the continent in the tea trade. To reach their destinations, teas traveled though a range of climates and weather, often by horse and camelback. For this reason, Puer became known for an aged, earthy quality that developed along the way. Nowadays, this earthy character is encouraged by a ‘Wo Dui’ process. Puer tea leaves are moistened (wo) with water and stacked (dui) in piles to undergo a unique post-fermentation giving the tea a dark, inky color and a rich, smooth flavor.

Ingredients: Puer Tea Leaves.

Flavor Profile:

Earthy taste with ripe fruit character.

The Ecological Collection:

Labels have no adhesive and can be recycled; tea bags are made from non-GMO plant material that will break down in a backyard compost pile and have no string or tag attached; canisters are made from reusable/biodegradable birch with a decorative ribbon closure; inner packaging is biodegradable.

Brewing Instructions:

Steep at 200°F for 3 minutes.