India Nilgiris clouds

The Way

Tea culture invokes a connection to the greater whole, which is part of what makes this plant so special. In many parts of the world, a spiritual essence seems to infuse the process of tea drinking and preparation.

The Ceremony of Tea

Whether enjoying your tea in a ceremony style, or brewing tea in a simple mug, there is always some amount of ritual involved with tea-drinking and an opportunity to be present with the process.

Teahouse Togetherness

Something that people often report when they come to our teahouse is that, while they had planned to sit and catch up with a friend over tasty tea and snacks, they were not expecting the level of immersion they would have in the experience — the losing track of time, the depth of conversation and the enjoyment of countless infusions of tea. Whether sipping your brew in a group or solo, there is a unique feeling of connectivity, both inner and outer, that can occur with tea.

Gongfu Cha

One way to savor the shared tea experience is with Gōngfu Cha. Gōngfu (pronounced [kʊ́ŋfu]) refers to the Chinese martial arts, but it also refers to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete. In tea culture, gōngfu refers to a simple, delightful and somewhat ceremonial brewing method. In our teahouse, we use traditional gōngfu teaware (items like small clay pots, pitchers and tea boats) to prepare tea for you at your table.