Puer Tea Sampler

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The puer tea sampler set includes three small tins packaged in a wooden gift box. This set is a perfect gift for a tea lover or a nice way to be introduced to puer teas. Each tin contains 1.5 oz of tea, have double lids for air tight closure, and can be reused. Listed below are the teas in the sampler:

Puer Tuocha – The Tuocha “Small Bowls” are individually wrapped compressed cooked style (shou) puer. Dark, smooth, full-bodied brew with an earthy flavor and hist of sweetness.

Topaz Puer – A cooked style (shou) puer, made at one of the few certified organic tea gardens in central Yunnan. Can endure many steepings, and does not become astringent. Dark, smooth brew with a musky, earthy aroma.

Green Tuocha – Individually wrapped compressed green tea “bowls.” Full-bodied brew with vegetal sweetness and a pleasant aftertaste.

Please Note: The color of tin shipped may vary from those illustrated here, based on our stock availability. We usually package in silver, black or copper colored tins.


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