Ground Yerba Maté
Origin: Iguaçu Valley, Brazil

Leaf – Chimarrao

Strong, herbaceous, grassy and slightly smoky.

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Yerba Maté was first used by the Guarani Indians, who believed it could cleanse and heal the spirit. Now millions enjoy it in South America. Our Maté is grown on a 100% organic, family farm in Southern Brazil.

Chimarrão Maté
Chimarrão is a style of Yerba Maté and a local favorite in Rio Grande do Sul (a state in southern Brazil). The composition of the leaf is in the form of a powder, unlike the full leaves of the traditional Yerba Mate. The powdered consistency provides a creamy texture to the brew. Yerba Maté (Ilex paraguariensis) is an evergreen plant of the holly (family Aquifoliaceae). The plant can reach heights of 10-12 meters, but is generally pruned at about 4-6 meters. Although the plant does produce small flowers and fruit, only the distinct oval-shaped leaves and stems are plucked for processing.

The Chimarrão Ritual
In Brazil, the drinking of Yerba Maté is practiced as a social ritual. Friends and family gather in a circle as the host prepares the beverage in a “cuia” (gourd) and drinks the first infusion with a filtered straw called a “bomba” or “bombilla.” The cuia is refilled and passed to each guest in the circle. Everyone shares the same cuia and bomba joining in a bond of acceptance and friendship.

Gourd & Bombilla
The Maté Gourd and Bombilla (straw) are traditional vessels used for enjoying Yerba Maté. The Gourd is filled one-third full with the leaves and after adding water, the brew is enjoyed by sipping through the bombilla.

Flavor Profile: Strong, herbaceous, grassy and slightly smoky.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Yerba Maté.


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