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100% Organic
Second Flush Darjeeling
Darjeeling Black Teas
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Flavor Profile:Distinct hearty muscatel flavor.Ingredients:100% Organic Black Tea Leaves.Certified Organic by:Quality Assurance International (QAI)
Second Flush refers to the plucking season of May through June. The flavor is stronger, and as such, Second Flush teas are sometimes preferred over First Flush teas by lovers of hearty and full-bodied teas. Very distinct muscatel aroma.
Water Temp
°F (°C)
Quality of WaterQuantity of Leaf
(tsp / 8oz water)
Steep Time
185°F (85°C)Best with Spring water13-41
In general, Darjeeling teas are lighter and more delicate than other Indian black teas. Therefore we recommend using mineral or spring water 180 to 190 F in temperature. The lower temperature water allows for a full bodied brew with a balanced sweetness and astringency. Because of its smaller leaf and astringent qualities, it is also best to use a shorter steeping time than with other Indian Black teas. Three to four minutes is usually sufficient, slightly longer if you wish to use a little milk.
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By the Ounce 30
Classic Size Tin (3.5 oz.) 80