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Gold Darjeeling
Darjeeling Black Teas
Darjeeling, India
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Flavor Profile:Smooth, buttery, honey texture. Full-bodied brew with pleasant rose, muscatel grape like aroma. Ingredients:100% black tea leaves
Gold Darjeeling is a fine, rare, gold tipped leaf varietal from the acclaimed tea growing region of Mirik valley, Darjeeling, India.

Oldest Darjeeling Tea Factory
Made in late summer, at the oldest tea factory in Darjeeling established in 1888. The tea garden is located along the Mechi river which runs along bordering Nepal and also employs workers from the Nepalese village of Antu.

High Elevation
Grown at an elevation of 1800 meters, Gold Darjeeling is from one of the highest elevation tea gardens in the region. Higher elevation tea plants grow more slowly and generally have more complexity in their flavor.

Darjeeling Seasons
Tea making in Darjeeling has distinct seasons, with early plucking beginning in late March. After a brief period the second plucking ‘Second Flush’ generally occurs in late April. Teas are also made after the rains in summer and ‘Autumnal’ tea are gaining more popularity. The flavors vary with the season and dependant on the climate and processing technique.

After the newly sprouted leaves have been plucked, they are withered over warm air for a few hours to reduce moisture. Once a suitable suppleness is achieved in the leaves, a delicate rolling of the leaves is performed. The leaves begin to oxidize (change color from green to dark) and the flavor develops. Finally, the leaves are oven baked to complete the process.
Water Temp
°F (°C)
Quality of WaterQuantity of Leaf
(tsp / 8oz water)
Steep Time
185°F (85°C)Best with Spring water13-42
In general, Darjeeling teas are lighter and more delicate than other Indian black teas. Therefore we recommend using mineral or spring water 180 to 190 F in temperature. The lower temperature water allows for a full bodied brew with a balanced sweetness and astringency. Three to four minutes is usually sufficient, slightly longer if you wish to use a little milk. Because this tea's leaf is whole and unbroken, it can be resteeped again for another infusion.
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