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Edo Kyusu
Artisan Kyusu Teapots
Tokoname, Japan
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Tokoname, located about 40 minutes south of Nagoya, is a small city in Japan on the western side of the Chita peninsula, overlooking Ise Bay. It is one of the so-called Six Old Kilns of Japan - the other five are Seto, Echizen, Shigaraki, Tamba, and Bizen - which have been major centers of ceramics production since the Kamakura period. Visitors to Tokoname can admire these beautiful works of art through ceramic galleries, museums, and other attractions located throughout the city, and can also experience making ceramics in several of the small studios.

Tokoname Ware
Tokoname ware has a rich history that dates back about 900 years. It is most famous for its small, burnished red, side-handled teapots. The Tokoname clay has high iron content and when fired changes into a red-orange color. Prior to firing, one technique which is often used in making Tokoname is the mixing of several different colors of clay.

Kyusu Teapot
The design asthetic of the side handled teapots are based on the premise of ease of use. Their hollow handles are easy to grasp as they do not become too hot. The inside of these teapots usually includes very fine mesh strainers that prevent the tea leaves from pouring into the teacups. But more importantly, they are the ideal teapots for brewing high quality tea as they have large round shapes that allow enough room for the full leaves.

Edo teapot has a smooth finish with potters line texture. Matte' black color. The overlay is in muted orange and in a artistic chain design.

Size Details
Approx 3.5" d., 3.5" h. 10 ounce capacity.

Care for the Kyusu
Avoid using any soap or abrasive materials. Gently clean with warm water and let air dry.
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