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A small but prized producer of tea in the world.  Taiwanese tea culture is rich in arts, ceremony, and in social settings. While oolongs are especially popular, black teas and green teas are also becoming known recently.  The Taiwanese tea culture includes calligraphy, flower arts, incense arts and poetry. The island is shaped like a tea leaf.  Original tea settlers came from Fujian province in China.  Earliest tea gardens were planted in the Nantou county of central Taiwan.  There are many famous tea areas in Taiwan and include: Pinglin, Ali Shan, Lugu, Shan Lin Xi, Li SHan, Hsinchu, Minjian and Zhu Shan.

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  • Famous for its Baozhong tea, located east of Taipei city in the Northern mountains. More than 80 percent of Pinglin's residents are tea growers or tea merchants.
  • Ali Shan is a mountain resort and natural preserve located in the mountains of Chiayi County in Taiwan. Famous for its high elevation oolong teas.
    Ali Shan
  • Known as Bamboo Mountain, Zhu Shan is a township in the southwest part of Nantou County, central Taiwan. It is in close proximity to the Zhuoshui River.
    Zhu Shan
  • Located in the southwest of Nantou county in central Taiwan, Lugu is one of the original areas for Taiwan oolong teas. Elevation ranging from 5000 - 6000 feet.
  • Situated in the heart of Taiwan’s tea growing center, Nantou County, Shan Lin Xi is a pristine nature reserve known for its maples, wild-flowers and butterflies. High elevation tea.
    Shan Lin Xi
  • Named the 'Windy City', Hsinchu is a famous Taiwanese area for its Dong Fen Mei Ren "Oriental Beauty' oolong teas.