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Jingmai Manjing

Jingmai Manjing mountains are located in southern Yunnan, a few hours north of Xishuangbanna.  Adjacent tea areas include Weng Ji and Mang Hong.  The entire area has gained a lot popularity over the last few years, as well as some controversy.  Jingmai in particular, is home to an old growth tea forest, wherein, many plants are several hundred years old.  The old growth tea area is surrounded by young, tea bush areas. Both are popular for their Puer, green and limited white teas.  Due to its popularity, the provincial government has undertaken considerable investment into the development of the whole mountain area - new roads and visitor's tea culture centers have been built recently to attract tourism.  An analogy would be to compare it to the Napa Valley wine area.  Tea is processed by many small operations, including some individual households, as well as few professional, organic, more commercial processors.  The people of the area are of the Bulang tribe and practice mostly Hinayana Buddhism.  The homes are wooden and of stilt architecture and sloping roof style.



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Selections from Jingmai, Yunnan View Options: Pure Leaf Canisters
100% OrganicSun Ripened Raw PuerOrigin:Jingmai Manjing, Yunnan, China
2011 Old growth, sun ripened Maocha from Jingmai, Yunnan, China
Flavor Profile:Clean, slightly pickled taste, with a mildly cooling aroma.
$7.00 / Oz
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100% Organic2005 Autumnal ShouOrigin:Jingmai Manjing, Yunnan, China
Dark, mature leaf Bing Cha from old growth tea forest.
Flavor Profile:Very damp and earthy aroma with warm milk sweetness.
Out of Stock
$32.00 / ea.
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100% Organic2005 Tea FlowerOrigin:Jingmai Manjing, Yunnan, China
Delicate pollenal aroma with shades of hibiscus and honeydew melon.
Flavor Profile:Delicate pollenal aroma with shades of hibiscus and honeydew melon.
$32.00 / ea.
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100% Organic2006 Tender LeafOrigin:Jingmai Manjing, Yunnan, China
Flavor Profile:Cooling, menthol aroma with light smokiness.
$34.00 / ea.
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100% OrganicTea Forest GreenOrigin:Jingmai Manjing, Yunnan, China
Made from tea plants 600 to 1200 years old. Sweet, honey texture with aftertaste similar to licorice.
Flavor Profile:Sweet, honey texture with an aftertaste similar to licorice.
$5.75 / Oz
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100% OrganicJingmai WhiteOrigin:Jingmai Manjing, Yunnan, China
A fine white tea from the old growth tea trees of Jing Mai Mountain.
Flavor Profile:Teas from Jing Mai have a very distinct flavor. Slightly fruity, mildly sweet with a honey-like texture and smooth flavor.
$8.50 / Oz
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100% OrganicOriental BeautyOrigin:Jingmai Manjing, Yunnan, China
Also known as Dong Feng Mei Ren oolong. Famous for its live oxidation process. Fruity, cooling taste.
Flavor Profile:Fruity, with hints of peach. Very smooth, thick, honey texture and no astringency.
$7.00 / Oz
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100% OrganicSun Ripened Raw Puer Jingmai Manjing, Yunnan, China
100% Organic2005 Autumnal Shou Jingmai Manjing, Yunnan, China
100% Organic2005 Tea Flower Jingmai Manjing, Yunnan, China
100% Organic2006 Tender Leaf Jingmai Manjing, Yunnan, China
100% OrganicTea Forest Green Jingmai Manjing, Yunnan, China
100% OrganicJingmai White Jingmai Manjing, Yunnan, China
100% OrganicOriental Beauty Jingmai Manjing, Yunnan, China