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Zhu Shan (Bamboo Mountain)

Zhushan Township (??) is an urban township in the southwest part of Nantou County, Taiwan, and off the south shore of Zhuoshui River (???). It has a Population of about 50,000 people.  We work with a small farm in the area producing oolong teas.

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Bamboo Mountain OolongOrigin:Zhu Shan, Taiwan
A very floral, sweet, low-oxidation oolong from Taiwan's Zhu Shan "Bamboo Mountain".
Flavor Profile:Full, sweet, floral fragrance in the classic Taiwan green oolong style. Lighter-bodied than the more roasted oolongs, but with an equally long finish and multi-layered character.
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Bamboo Mountain Oolong Zhu Shan, Taiwan