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Pinglin District is a northern most tea region of Taiwan.  It is located in southeastern New Taipei City and is a scenic, mountainous area connecting to the Yilan County on the east coast.   Pinglin is known for its Baozhong green tea. It is home to many small tea farmers making green tea and oolong teas.

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Wenshan BaozhongOrigin:High Elevation Ping Lin, Taipei County, Taiwan
Oolong varietal Baozhong from Taipei County, Taiwan. Low oxidization, distinct buttery, floral aroma and sweetness.
Flavor Profile:A light, low oxidized oolong with several texture levels on the upper palate. Smooth, toasty and buttery brew with a floral aroma and sweetness.
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Wenshan Baozhong High Elevation Ping Lin, Taipei County, Taiwan