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Phoenix Mountains

The Fenghuang (Phoenix) mountains in Chao An county of Guangdong are home to some of the most sought after oolong teas in China.  The mountains are spread over a large area and the tea plants vary a lot in their age, varietal and flavor profile.  There are at least ten different Phoenix plant varietals in the area.

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Selections from Phoenix, Guangdong View Options: Pure Leaf Canisters
Royal PhoenixOrigin:Guangdong Province, China
Fenghuang Dancong native varietal of Guangdong Province, China. Sweet, high-bounce flavor similar to nectarines.
Flavor Profile:Toasty texture, fragrant aroma and sweet, high-bounce taste similar to nectarines and peaches.
$4.00 / Oz
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Hand CraftedPhoenix BlackOrigin:Fenghuang Mountain, Guangdong, China
One of our best black tea finds for the summer 2011 season. A rare style from the Phoenix mountains, which is otherwise known for its oolong teas.
Flavor Profile:Very smooth, dark cherry taste.
$7.00 / Oz
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Royal Phoenix Guangdong Province, China
Hand CraftedPhoenix Black Fenghuang Mountain, Guangdong, China