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The Nilgiris are a range of mountains in the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Nilgiri means "Blue Mountains" referring to both the dense, smoky-blue mists that cloak the landscape and the stunning blue Kurunji flowers that blossom and cover the hillsides but once every twelve years. The Nilgiri region is extremely lush and green and full of wildlife. It is also home to several indigenous tribes including the ancient Toda people. The region's cool climate and consistent mist and rain create an ideal environment for tea growing. Nilgiri teas are characterized by a fruity, smooth, yet lively aroma and flavor.

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100% OrganicLemon DropsOrigin:Blend, The Tao of Tea
A blend of South Indian Nilgiri black tea and Australian lemon myrtle herb.
Flavor Profile:Bright, cooling tea with citrus undertones. Delicious as an iced tea.
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$2.00 / Oz
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NeelaOrigin:Nilgiri Mountains, South India
A beautiful large leaf Nilgiri. Distinctive and delicious. Unlike any other black tea from this region.
Flavor Profile:Delicious green herbal, floral and citrus aromas. Full, smooth taste with a subtle turbinado sweetness.
$3.50 / Oz
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100% OrganicNilgiri BlueOrigin:Ooty, Nilgiri Mountains, South India
A smooth, gentle and mellow black tea from South India. Full bodied, smooth texture with slightly woody and fruity flavor.
Flavor Profile:Full bodied, smooth texture with slightly woody and fruity flavor.
$2.50 / Oz
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100% OrganicLemon Drops Blend, The Tao of Tea
Neela Nilgiri Mountains, South India
100% OrganicNilgiri Blue Ooty, Nilgiri Mountains, South India