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Yerba Mate

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100% OrganicArgentinean Yerba MatéOrigin:Argentina
Organic from Argentina. Cool, crisp taste.
Flavor Profile:Crisp, herbaceous, vegetal aroma and taste.
$1.75 / Oz
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100% OrganicChimarrãoOrigin:Iguaçu Valley, Brazil
A rougher, coarse grade of Yerba Maté used in southern Brazil for the Chimarrão ritual.
Flavor Profile:Strong, herbaceous, grassy and slightly smoky.
$1.75 / Oz
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100% OrganicGreen Brazilian MatéOrigin:Iguaçu Valley, Brazil
An Organic, un-aged, green Yerba Maté from Brazil.
Flavor Profile:A bright, green flavor and aroma.
$1.75 / Oz
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100% OrganicMate MintOrigin:The Tao of Tea
Hand-blended Organic Green Argentinian Maté with cooling spearmint leaves.
Flavor Profile:Cool, minty aroma and smooth, herbaceous flavor.
$1.75 / Oz
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100% OrganicRioOrigin:Iguaçu Valley, Brazil
Organic Yerba Mate from the breathtaking Iguaçu Valley in Brazil.
Flavor Profile:Cooling, clear, bitter sweet flavor notes.
$1.75 / Oz
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100% OrganicRoasted MatéOrigin:Southern Brazil
Relatively rare. Smooth, chocolate taste.
Flavor Profile:Toasty, smooth and full-bodied with light cocoa notes.
$1.75 / Oz
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100% OrganicArgentinean Yerba Maté Argentina
100% OrganicChimarrão Iguaçu Valley, Brazil
100% OrganicGreen Brazilian Maté Iguaçu Valley, Brazil
100% OrganicMate Mint The Tao of Tea
100% OrganicRio Iguaçu Valley, Brazil
100% OrganicRoasted Maté Southern Brazil